Xinjiang; China’s gateway to the World (Book 6)

ISBN 978180320 05 8
364 pages.
Published 24/2/2022


PB, Kindle, Epub

In The China Chronicles, Paul Hattaway draws  on more than 30 years’ experience in China and numerous interviews with church leaders to provide insight into how the Living God brought about the largest revival in the history of Christianity.

Xinjiang, a vast region in northwest China, has  been much in the news in recent years because of  the plight of more than one million Muslim Uyghur people there. But Xinjiang also has a long Christian history. Today there are nearly one million believers, mostly among the Han Chinese who have migrated into the region in recent decades.

In this book, the sixth in the series, Hattaway  focuses on the heroic efforts to reach the Uyghurs and other Muslim groups who remain largely  untouched by the gospel.

Paul Hattaway has served as a missionary in China for thirty years, gradually gaining the trust of Christian leaders throughout the country. He is the author of numerous books, and is founder and director of the mission agency Asia Harvest.

Of earlier volumes in the series:

Well-researched … Hattaway’s knowledge of the Chinese Church is encyclopedic … this book is wonderfully challenging. — Patrick Forbes ― Christianity magazine

A welcome contribution … an exciting, whistlestop tour of 150 years of Christian revival and miracles in Shandong Province … there is no shortage of inspiring lives and events. — Lawrence Braschi ― Church Times

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