TIBET: Inside the greatest Christian revival in history (book 4)

ISBN 9781909281769
354 pages.
Published 4/4/2021

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This book is believed to be the first attempt to present an overview of all Christian activity in Tibet throughout history.

The Tibetan Plateau is mountainous, inaccessible and vast – three times the land area of the UK, but with only one-tenth of the population. Most Tibetans claim to be Buddhists but, for many, Buddhism is a veneer over older, darker beliefs. The spiritual realm is a daily reality in Tibet. There are only tiny numbers of Tibetan Christians, but the ‘Roof of the World’ has a long and remarkable Christian history. Paul Hattaway recounts the stories of the many courageous, tenacious men and women who have attempted to exalt the Name of Jesus Christ in Tibet, against overwhelming odds and in the face of powerful spiritual forces. This is the fourth volume in The China Chronicles, which tell the modern history of the Church in China.

The China Chronicles

Paul Hattaway has served as a missionary in China for over thirty years, gradually gaining the trust of Christian leaders throughout the country. He is the author of numerous books, and is the founder and director of the mission agency Asia Harvest.

“Reading this book on Tibet was such an inspiration and encouragement. For the first time was able to read about the Lord’s witness in this most challenging field. This book should be a “must read” for new missionaries and in seminaries with Missions courses. I am already recommending it to a few of my church leadership friends.”

Elijah Gergen, Senior Pastor, Moravian Church, Ladakh, India.

I had only a vague knowledge of Tibet, and of the progress of Christianity there, when I picked up this book. Paul has masterfully documented the amazing history, not only of Christianity, but of the living Jesus, building His church in Tibet, saving lives and doing wonderful things. So many thrilling, miraculous testimonies. This is a compelling read! This book will light a fire in your heart for Jesus.


Foreword by Moses Xie xi

The China Chronicles overview xiii

Introduction 1

Nestorians in Tibet 22

Antonio de Andrade and the kingdom of Guge 25

Other early Catholics in Tibet 37

1880s 47

The Moravians 55

1890s 60

Annie Taylor 65

Petrus and Susie Rijnhart 75

1900s 80

William Christie 90

1910s 109

Albert Shelton 118

1920s 130

Sundar Singh—the Apostle with the Bleeding Feet 142

The Jiarong 151

Victor Plymire 164

1930s 186

Frank Learner 194

1940s 204

The story of the Tibetan Bible 214

1950s 227

1960s and 1970s 245

1980s 255

1990s 265

2000s 275

2010s 282

Tenzin Lahkpa 293

The future of the Church in Tibet 302


Map of Christians in the Tibet Autonomous Region 308

Map of China’s Christians 309

Table of Christians in the Tibet Autonomous Region 310

Table of people groups in Greater Tibet 313

Notes 315

Selected bibliography 334

Contact details 337