The Shoulders of Giants

ISBN 9781903689769
470 pages.
Published 25/2/2011

£4.99 - £11.99

Paperback and Kindle

Like many teenagers, 

15-year-old Will Houston is haunted by the question:

‘When are you going to grow up?’

During his parents’ separation, Will is sent away from the city to live with his grandparents among the rugged Cumbrian fells and lakes. This is a place with no colour TV, no mobile phone reception and, worst of all, nowhere to use his computer games.  But far from being bored, Will soon uncovers well-kept family secrets and other local mysteries that will threaten the lives of those he loves. Through his bitter-sweet encounters with a colourful array of local characters, Will finds, in the most unexpected places, real ‘grown-up’ giants upon whose shoulders he can lean in his quest for manhood and a meaningful life. This is a gritty adventure: growing up is dangerous business. And the action starts the moment Will steps off the bus…

Will Houston Mysteries

Henry Brooks began to write the Will Houston Mysteries in hospital while undergoing treatment for cancer in 2005. Henry lives in the english Lake District—with his wife ruth, four children and small herd of pigmy goats—and works as a landscape architect, property developer, writer and recording artist.

This book is easy and excellent read and captures the flavour of the Lakes.

The contents follows the growing up a young boy with characters that will

put him in great shape for the years to come. Centred among those are his Grandfather and Mother. But as the book enfolds there are many other people that challenge him.

Very good read too all who are familiar with this wonderful part of the country.

I recommend this not only to the young but also too those of a more senior age.

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