ISBN 9781903689660
368 pages.
Published 11/1/2020

£4.99 - £11.99

Paperback and Kindle

“The loyalty between pact brothers knows no boundaries”

The Great War has split Alphabetania in two. The Defenders of the Sign now have their own territory, Betania, but the Iotanians also live within their borders, As long as the two peoples are enemies there will be no peace in the land. When young Iona turns his back on his family and enters into a pact with the enemy, there are unexpected consequences for all the people. Sealed vividly portrays the costly sacrifices of two families who are committed to forge peace. It is a tale of love that crosses national and cultural boundaries.

In another reality the author Louis Mackenzie faces trauma as his teenage son becomes a suspect in a criminal investigation. 

This is the second book in the Defenders of the Sign trilogy.

Defenders of the Sign

Kristian Kapelrud lives in Hamar, Norway. He is an author and a graphic designer. Sealed was translated from Norwegian by Alie Stibbe.

The second volume in the Defenders of the Sign trilogy of books is even better than the first – what an interesting plot! Very moving as it explores the cost of loyalty!

Another stunning family read from Kristian Kapelrud!

This series of books is a great gift for any family with children heading towards teens … especially for families who are home-schooling.

If you have not read the first book in the series, ‘Signed’, you MUST read it too, but it is not essential to read it before you start on ‘Sealed’.

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