Sabbath Time: a hermitage journey of retreat, return & communion

ISBN 9781909281578
72 pages.
Published 12/12/2017

£3.99 - 7.99

Paperback, Kindle, Epub

Being left alone to embark on a reflective journey is a great gift—particularly in our age, where remaining connected is such a driving expectation. Charles decided to take a whole six months off and to spend much of this time in a hermitage on friends’ property. 

To enter a space of disconnection is both a scary and an exhilarating experience. And to “down” tools and be still without an agenda of expectations is wonderfully open and freeing. It is also walking into mystery. Who knows what might happen?

Charles taught in universities, colleges and seminaries in Asia, Australia and N.America. And he has worked in urban and overseas mission for several decades. He is Emeritus Professor of Regent College, Vancouver, is a Franciscan Tertiary (tssf) and companion of Northumbria Community, Brisbane. Besides working for justice, he plants rain forest trees, grows vegetables and pens books on Christian spirituality. Teresa an artist and illustrator working in Brisbane. She delights in illustrating texts that explore spirituality and the struggle of faith in today’s world. She has held many exhibitions

Into the Hermitage

Downtime 2

Wandering 4

Being 6

Gazing 8

Waiting 10

Reading 12

Indwelling 14

Attentiveness 16

Crying Out 18

Seeing 20

Seeing Anew 22

Sabbath Space 24

Troubling God 26

Responding 28

Repentance 30

Hidden Water 32

Memory and Hope 34

Encountering 36

For the Life of the World 38

A Long Journey 40

The Journey Home

The Call to Return 44

Returning as a Pilgrim 46

Returning as Stranger 48

Returning with Glory 50


Disorientation 54

Imagination 56

Connection 58

This Day 60

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