Our Calling and God’s hand in History, PB (vol 6)

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Published 4/4/2021


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God’s Hand in History

Interviews and the L’Abri lectures

Hans Rookmaaker:An Open Life, by Laurel Gasque

Rookmaaker was a man of many contrasts: provocative and gentle, rough-hewn and refined, playful yet profoundly serious, reserved yet close to many. This volume attempts to capture the person behind the writings and lectures. Especially in close association with his friend Francis Schaeffer and the L’Abri Fellowship, Rookmaaker sought to bring Christian thinking to bear on every tough and thorny issue of the day. A wide range of topics are covered in his L’Abri lectures, from predestination to Genesis 1, from rock and protest to the hermeneutics of art and an inspirational lecture on “What is reality?” Colin Duriez edited the lecture series on “God’s Hand in History”, a biblical theme for Rookmaaker as pivotal as the themes of Creation, Fall and Redemption.


The Complete Works of Hans Rookmaaker

Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker is editor-in-chief of ArtWay, www.artway.eu, an online service and resource in Dutch and English about the visual arts and faith for individuals and congregations. She did her studies in musicology at the University of Amsterdam, complemented with minors in art history and liturgical studies at the Free University in Amsterdam. For many years she has worked as a freelance editor, translator and writer. She edited the Complete Works of her father, art historian Hans Rookmaaker, contributed to books, and wrote articles about popular music, liturgy, and the visual arts. She was editor of a Dutch book of visual meditations for Lent (2012) and co-authored a Dutch handbook for art in the church (2015). In 2019 she co-curated the Art Stations of the cross in Amsterdam. She lives in Langbroek in the Netherlands.

“Dr Rookmaaker often made the point that when we stop talking about an artist, that artist dies. These collected works bring together, for the first time, the range of Rookmaaker’s thinking on the arts and culture. Our conversation with him is alive and well … you will find much more than you expect which is of real, continuing importance in shaping a Christian response to our time and place.”

Peter S. Smith, Head of Art and Design, Kingston College

List of Photographs ix

Acknowledgments xi

Part I: God’s Hand in History, edited by Colin Duriez

Preface by Colin Duriez 3

Introduction by H.R.R. 5

1. The Bible’s Portrait of History: Announcing the Themes 7 A forgotten theme of Scripture (7); Blessing and judgment in Deuteronomy 28–30 (9)

2. Blessing and Judgment in the Life of Israel 16 The prayer of Solomon (17); God’s acting in the seen world (18); God’s acting in the unseen world (19); The warnings of the prophets (20)

3. Refinement 1: Good People in a Time of Wickedness 25 Why do the godly suffer? (25); Do the principles no longer hold? (28)

4. Refinement 2: When God has to Judge, What Happens to Mercy?33 Waiting for God (34); What happens when judgment is inexorable? (36)

5. Refinement 3: The Hidden God 40 Hidden Christianity? (42); Science versus faith (43); Love versus judgment? (44); When God is absent (48)

6. Blessing and Judgment in the New Testament 50 Jesus affirms the Old Testament themes (52); The apostles affirm the Old Testament themes (53)

7. Reading the Book of Revelation 58 Meaning or fact? (58); A book of consolation (61)

8. The Active Centre of History 63 The nature of visions (63); The opening of the seals (68); The seventh seal (76)

9. Christians in the World Today 79 The woman and the dragon (Revelation 12:1–6) (80); War in heaven (Revelation 12:7–12) (81); Pursued into the wilderness (Revelation 12:13–17) (83)

Part II:Articles and Interviews

Prophecy in the Old and New Testaments: God’s Way with Israel 91 The prophet (91); Two kinds of prophecy (92); The subject prophecy addresses (92); Revelation of John (93); Symbolism (94); Evil, sin, sorrow (98); Chronological analysis (98); Conclusion (118) Articles on Evangelism 120 Child Evangelism (120); On witnessing (122); Evangelization (125)

Interviews 131 Interview by Marc de Klijn (131); Interview by C.A. Delhaas- Kraan and J. Boelema (145); Interview for Crusade (150); Interview for Right On (154); Broadcast interview by Jan van Capelleveen (156)

Part III:The L’Abri Lectures

Our Calling in a Postchristian World 163 A world without God (163); Downfall of norms (164); Demasking of values (166); Christians in a world without God (167); Nature and grace (169); Our calling in a world without God (170); The world is God’s world (171) A Dutch Christian View of Philosophy 174 Life is a unity (174); Groen van Prinsterer (175); Kuyper and Christian scholarship (176); Dooyeweerd and L’Abri (178); Dooyeweerd’s basic ideas (179); Structures and sphere sovereignty (181); The tragedy of modernity (183) Jazz and Revolution 185 The revolutionary tide (185); Black music as iron pill (187); Two ways of listening (189); Tragedy (190) Rock and Protest 192 From Paul Whiteman to rock-and-roll (192); From Hobbes to Dylan (193); From Diderot to Paul Simon (195); From Freud to Leonard Cohen (196); From Franz Marc to Velvet Underground (197); From P.F. Sloan to James Taylor (199); Four possibilities (201) What is Reality? 203 Inexhaustible meaning (203); Opening eyes (204); Santorio (205); Galenus, Mundinis, Vesalius and Harvey (206); Before the change (207); A new way of seeing (209); Reduced reality (210); Science falsifies reality (212); Rediscover reality (213) Genesis 1: Creation versus Evolution 215 Christians and science (215); Darwin (217); Truth (218); Matthew 1 (219); Genesis 1 (221); The evolution theory (222); Fullness of reality (223) To Do the Truth in Art 225 Beauty (225); Reality (226); Art today (228); Truth (230); To do the truth (232); Choice (234) Hermeneutics of Art 236 Introduction (236); The quest for certainty (238); Art as the obscure (241); The loss of meaning (244); Meaning (245); Causing ripples (248) Ultranaturalism 252 A new view of reality (252); Cold facts (254); Ultranaturalism (256) Christianity and Music 259 Should we aim to be a subculture? (259); Misplaced optimism (260); Keep the good things (261); It is our mentality that counts (262); Music makes the person (263); The influence of music (264); The debasement of entertainment music (265); Rock and pop (266) The Christian Artist 269 Calvinism and art (269); Pietism and art (270); Gnosticism, stoicism and cynicism (271); The role of faith (272); The Christian artist (274) The Problem of Christian Themes in Art 276 Natural and supernatural (276); Early solutions (276); Renaissance tensions (278); Reformation and Counter- Reformation responses (279); Seventeenth-century Dutch directions (281); Nineteenth-century snapshots (283); Sunday school pictures (284); Twentieth-century diversity (286) Predestination 288 Ephesians 1 (288); Determinism and freedom (289); Two answers (290); Implications (291) Love is the End: Sermon on 2 Peter 294 The salutation (294); Life and godliness (294); Divine nature (295); God’s scaffolding (296); Love (297)

Part IV: Hans Rookmaaker:An Open Life, by Laurel


Preface 301

Acknowledgments 304

1. Impact 307

2. Childhood 318

3. Youth 325

4. Conversion and Calling 331

5. Family and Career 337

6. Friendships 358

7. Passions 374

8. Legacy 384

Appendix I: Chronology 413

Appendix II: Sources 417

Notes to Volume 6 431

Appendix A: Bibliography of Published Writings about H.R.R. 434

Appendix B: Hans Rookmaaker Papers at Wheaton College 447

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