Old School Secrets

ISBN 9781909281462
362 pages.
Published 25/2/2016

£4.99 - £11.99

Paperback and Kindle

A suspicious death at stone circle. A sinister druidic cult inside a private school. An ancient prophecy of the upcoming solstice. The clock is ticking when Will arrives at the prestigious Saint Albans. With a growing number of enemies among the seniors, teachers and monks, Will must decipher a trail of clues left by a deceased pupil. From the ancient library to the priory crypt Will must identify which teacher or monk is the custodian of the deadly curse and more importantly; which student may become the prophecy’s next victim. During the drama of these two terms, Will is also forced to reconsider his own understanding of human origins, the history of science and the future of mankind. Friends are on hand to help, but telling friend from foe gets harder as the solstice approaches.

Will Houston Mysteries

Henry Brooks began to write the Will Houston Mysteries in hospital while undergoing treatment for cancer in 2005. Henry lives in the english Lake District—with his wife ruth, four children and small herd of pigmy goats—and works as a landscape architect, property developer, writer and recording artist.

This book was just as good as its predecessor. I really enjoyed how the author worked discussions of the relationship between Faith and science into the story. As someone interested in those kinds of questions I learned a lot. The book is suspenseful enough to keep readers going to the end, and it even has twists I didn’t see coming! Definitely one I would recommend!

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