Inside the Rainbow: Seeing and Doing the Book of Revelation (Vol 1)

ISBN 978-1-909281-87-5
56 pages.
Published Released on 30/6/2021

£25.00 - £35.00

Paperback and Hardback in colour

Commenting in image and word on the first three chapters of the book of Revelation.

Pieter with his wife are the founders of Piquant Editions. He is also the International Director for the Langham Literature programme of Langham Partnership and the Publisher of Langham Creative Projects. He has a great love of books and has worked for IVP UK, Paternoster and Farel. Pieter, from the Netherlands, and his wife Elria, from South Africa, have four sons and many grandchildren.



Story 1:  The Unveiling 

Story 2:  To Be Happy 

Story 3:  Serious Holiness 

Story 4:  Coming with the Clouds Story 5:  John on Patmos 

Story 6:  Like a Son of Man

Story 7:  The Whole Church in His Hand 

Story 8:  Write to Seven Churches 

Story 9:  Turn Back to Love 

Story 10: “Song” of Suffering 

Story 11: Satanic Attack 

Story 12: Courting Disaster 

Story 13: Wake Up! Watch Out!

Story 14: Endure Patiently 

Story 15: Coming for a Meal 

Story 16: One Church  

A Personal Prayer 

Reading Revelation 

Inside the Rainbow 

Select Further Reading 

List of Illustrations