GUIZHOU: Inside the Greatest Christian Revival in history (book 2)

ISBN 9781909281721
262 pages.
Published 4/4/2021

Paperback, Kindle, Epub

Guizhou, which means ‘Precious State’, is home to more than 80 distinct tribes among the province’s 35 million people. God has powerfully reached several of these groups, but others still wait to hear of the Saviour of the world.

Guizhou includes many vivid brief biographies of the extraordinary people who have been part of this remarkable story, along with dozens of unique photographs, painstakingly collected by the author over years.

This is the second volume in the China Chronicles, which tells the modern history of the Church in China. Each history starts with the arrival of the first Evangelical missionaries in a province, and continues to the present day. 

Partly because of its explosive growth in recent decades, there is no accurate, readable account of what has happened to the Chinese Church. This series is designed to inform the wider world of the astonishing work of the Spirit in China. The China Chronicles also aim to provide Chinese believers, and members of the immense Chinese diaspora, with some sense of their own roots.

The China Chronicles

Paul Hattaway, a native New Zealander, has served the Church in Asia for most of his life. He is an expert on the Chinese Church, and author of The Heavenly Man, An Asian Harvest, Operation China, Shandong, and many other books. He and his wife Joy are founders of Asia Harvest ( which supports thousands of indigenous missionaries and has provided millions of Bibles to Christians throughout Asia.

Guizhou: The Precious Province by Paul Hattaway, 2018, is a 254-page paperback plus 16 pages at the front (i-xvi). This book is the second in a series of The China Chronicles: Inside the Greatest Christian Revival in History. The Foreword, Preface and The China Chronicles Overview are exactly the same as book one, Shandong: The Revival Province, which is the first in the series, except that the Scripture on page xvi is laid out differently.

The book begins with a good Introduction on the Province of Guizhou which sets the scene before leading into the vast ethnic mix of the Province and the origins of the Miao people groups, many of whom have blonde hair and light skin. The book proceeds to early Christian martyrs and the spread of Christianity over the decades, especially amongst a number of ethnic minority groups. The book includes revivals, mission advance, breakthroughs, disappointment, the spread of communists, martyrs for Christ, torture, kidnapping of missionaries and Chinese Christians and expulsion of foreigners in 1949-1950 under the Communists.


Foreword by Brother Yun ix

Preface by Moses Xie xi

The China Chronicles overview xiii

Introduction 1

The mysterious origins of the Miao 17

Early Christian martyrs 22

1870s and 1880s 33

1890s 42

The Hmu 47

1900s 61

1910s 78

1920s 95

1930s 106

1940s 119

The Nosu 131

1950s and 1960s 145

1970s 155

1980s 161

The Bouyei 172

1990s 180

2000s 186

The Dong 204

2010s 211

The future of the Church in Guizhou 222


Evangelical Christians in Guizhou (1877–2020) 226

Map of Christians in Guizhou 228

Map of China’s Christians 229

A survey of Christians in China 230

Table of Christians in Guizhou 233

People groups in Guizhou 236

Notes 238

Selected bibliography 250

Contact details 252