Compassionate Community Work 10th Anniversary Edition

ISBN 978 1909281 52 3
362 pages.
Published 12/8/2016

£7.68 - £18.00

Paperback, Kindle, Epub

In this easy-to-use introductory textbook, Dave Andrews combines the fruit of his practical experience over many years as a community worker with the best practice currently being taught at college level. It can be used for self-study, as a resource for church-based mission training, for study at seminary or by extension, and it complements existing courses  that do not consider the implications of a Christian worldview.

Dave Andrews and his wife, Ange, have lived and worked in communities with marginalised groups of people in Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal for more than forty years. They are currently part of the Waiters Union, an inner-city Christian community network in Australia that supports Aborigines, refugees and people with disabilities.

“This … is much more than a text book. It is an invitation to participate in an experiential, highly practical, spiritually rich, and potentially life-changing learning process.” Steve Bradbury, National Director of TEAR Australia & Chairman of the Micah Network “He is offering more than a political soundbite. With Dave Andrews theory has become practice, and truths take on a life of their own.” Simon Mayo, BBC Radio

“Dave Andrews is someone who has been captivated by the radical and compassionate Christ (and) has chosen to live out his calling in a very different way. … The fruit of Dave’s life is evident – ministries established, friendships forged, people helped, communities transformed, and workers trained to do likewise.”

Dr Charles Ringma, Regent College, Vancouver

“Dave Andrews (is) one of the leading prophetic voices of our time.”

Mike Riddell, Third Way


List of Diagrams vi

Foreword by Steve Bradbury vii

About this Course ix

Acknowledgements xvii

PART I: Compassionate Community Work Principles

Session 1 Introduction to Community 3

Session 2 Community Development 11

Session 3 The Church and Community Development 25

Session 4 The Strategies of Community Development 37

Session 5 The Spirit of Community Development 47

Session 6 Breaking through the Barrier of Futility 61

Session 7 Breaking through the Barrier of Selfishness 75

Session 8 Breaking through the Barrier of Fear 87

Session 9 Breaking through the Barrier of Spitefulness 99

Session 10 Building Bridges to People 111

Session 11 Building Bridges on Relationships 125

Session 12 Building Bridges through Groups 137

Session 13 Building Bridges for Co-operation 151

Session 14 Bringing about Personal Hope 169

Session 15 Bringing about Social Empowerment 181

Session 16 Bringing about Problem Resolution 193

Session 17 Bringing about Prophetic Transformation 205

PART II: Compassionate Community Work Skills

Session 18 Community Work Skill 1 – Communicating 225

Session 19 Community Work Skill 2 – Negotiating 235

Session 20 Community Work Skill 3 – Facilitating 243

Session 21 Community Work Skill 4 – Researching 255

Session 22 Community Work Skill 5 – Planning (A) 263

Session 23 Community Work Skill 5 – Planning (B) 271

Session 24  Community Work Skill 6 – Budgeting 283

Session 25 Community Work Skill 7 – Reporting 291

Session 26 Community Work Skill 8 – Supporting 303

Session 27 Community Work Skill 9 – Promoting 313

Session 28 Community Work Skill 10 – Persevering 323

Appendix A: Articles 331

Appendix B: Stories 333

Appendix C: Bibliography of Sources 335

Appendix D: Funding Options 337

Appendix E: Support Connections 339

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