Chase Two Horses: proverbs and sayings for an everyday spirituality

ISBN 978 1909281 59 2
162 pages.
Published 17/1/2018

£6.99 - £12.99

Paperback, Kindle, Epub

The proverb, “chase two horses and you will catch neither,” suggests that we have to focus on an important matter at hand and that we can’t do everything at once. This proverb and the others in this reflective reader, drawn from many cultures, weave a colourful wisdom from the past that can inform present-day thinking and action.

Brought up on proverbs in a Dutch familial home, the author has selected proverbs that evoke humour, philosophical insights and ethical challenges for living with joy, generosity and justice. Here is a wisdom that can shape a spirituality for daily life that promotes human flourishing.

CHARLES RINGMA has taught in universities, colleges and seminaries in Asia, Australia and N.America. And he has worked in urban and overseas mission for several decades. He is Emeritus Professor of Regent College, Vancouver, is a Franciscan Tertiary (tssf) and companion of Northumbria Community, Brisbane. Besides working for justice, he plants rain forest trees, grows vegetables and pens books on Christian spirituality. TERESA JORDAN is an artist and illustrator working in Brisbane. She delights in illustrating texts that explore spirituality and the struggle of faith in today’s world. She has held many exhibitions and is the illustrator of “Hear the Ancient Wisdom” and “Of Martyr’s, Monks and Mystics.”

Preface vii

Introduction ix

Focus: a spirituality of particularity 2

Commitment: a spirituality of radical engagement 4

A Cross At Home: a spirituality of familial suffering 6

Unknowing: personhood and mystery 8

Beyond Structures: a spirituality of personalism 10

Seeing Again: the silent gift of time 12

Openness: a spirituality of vulnerability 14

Intentionality: putting things to their proper use 16

Heart Matters: attending to the heart’s song 18

Frugality: a spirituality of purposefulness 20

Blindness: the challenging art of seeing 22

Betrayal: healing relational conflict 24

Appearances: beyond an outward image 26

Restoration: giving back what we have taken 28

Love’s Fire: the disruptive ways of love 30

Fruitful Resistance: a spirituality of discernment 32

Effectual Resistance: a spirituality of subversion 34

Accepting Our Giftedness: a spirituality of grateful embrace 36

Mending: a spirituality of restoration 38

Constraints: a spirituality of sober realism 40

Responsible Stewardship: a spirituality of concern 42

Making Way: learning to pass the baton 44

Corruption: the strategies of co-option 46

Generosity: a spirituality of grace 48

Necessary Evil: ambiguity and discernment 50

Dilution: resisting diminishment 52

Persistence: a spirituality of perseverance 54

Contagion: a sociology of association 56

Sensitivity: healing words 58

Desire: a spirituality of longing 60

Wounded: a spirituality of suffering 62

In Reserve: the gentle art of withholding 64

Unity: the power of cooperation 66

Peace: inner and outward dimensions 68

Giving: a spirituality of sharing 70

Unreality: when hope is folly 72

Receptivity: a spirituality of openness 74

Opposition: the reality of conflict 76

Envy: a bitter poison 78

Imagination: a spirituality of seeing 80

Flexibility: overcoming rigidity 82

Fate: living well with mystery 84

Troubling Ourselves: a spirituality of self-reflection 86

Sustainability: a spirituality of substance 88

The Unexpected: a spirituality of surprise 90

Mind Games: a spirituality of resistance 92

Attachment: a spirituality of stability 94

Deflated: a life filled with tears and broken dreams 96

Gender Equality: nurturing women’s wisdom 98

Forgetting: commitments made in crisis 100

Leadership: a spirituality of service 102

Set Up For A Fall: overextending ourselves 104

Exploitation: when the well runs dry 106

Back – To – Front: losing the connection between means and ends 108

Evil: the persistence of wrongdoing 110

Justice: the fading hope of the poor 112

Passion: counterbalancing stagnation and blind enthusiasm 114

Preoccupation: a failure in relevance 116

Worshipful: a spirituality of adoration 118

Singular Solutions: blinkered to complexity 120

Unadventurous: living in a bubble 122

To Pause: the gentle art of disengagement 124

Deflection: the blame game 126

An Ordinary Life: an extraordinary commitment to the common good 128

Inquisitiveness: an ongoing quest for wisdom 130

To Agitate: a spirituality of provocation 132

Work: both beauty and burden 134

Cooperation: the practice of solidarity 136

Reciprocity: ambiguity and paradox 138

Silence: the gift of solitude 140

Index: Proverbs and Sayings 142

Topical Index 145

Endnotes 147

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