Am I not a woman and sister

ISBN 978 1909281 67 7
62 pages.
Published 3/4/2021



Am I not a woman and a sister is a new artist’s film produced in collaboration with female survivors of modern day slavery in partnership with national charity City Hearts and the International Slavery Museum Liverpool, supported by a National Lottery Project Grant through Arts Council England. The project began with Kwant researching in the archives of the Merseyside Maritime Museum Library, and the collections of the International Slavery Museum. Initial research was followed by a series of collaborative workshops led by British- Barbadian choreographer Magdalen Bartlett Luambia, giving women the tools to create their own performances. The outcome – a moving image installation co-produced with female survivors of modern day slavery, was first exhibited at the International Slavery Museum in 2019.

Elizabeth Kwant is a Manchester based artist, researcher and curator whose interdisciplinary practice incorporates film, photography, performance, installation and print. Her work investigates contemporary geo-political and social issues; migration, immigration detention, legacies of colonialism, modern day slavery and associated concerns of representation. In partnership with local organisations she has produced a number of socially engaged projects in collaboration with marginalised communities including; female refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of modern day slavery.

‘Kwant’s work opens up a space in which empowerment occurs, hidden experiences are brought to light, and wider narratives (concerning the construction of identity and the recording of history) are brought into question.’

— Jonathan Evens, 2020.

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