The Undefended Leader

ISBN 978 1903689 64 6
476 pages.
Published 9/5/2010

£20.35 - £35.00

Hardback and Paperback

This one-volume edition of Simon Walker’s trilogy of books on ‘undefended’ leadership addresses leaders in all walks of life: from the home or pre-school to the corporate, academic, political or church offices. It combines the contents from his books: Leading out of Who You Are; Leading with Nothing to Lose; Leading with Everything to Give. In the first book he examines the formation of the leadership ego and shows how maintaining a front and back stage derails leaders. In the second book Simon looks at how power is used in leadership, based on eight case studies from history, and draws powerful guidelines for leaders today. In the final book he focuses on the leader’s vision and examines what has caused the current failure of leadership in the West. He points out the direction in which we need to move if life is to flourish in the coming decades.

Undefended Leadership Trilogy

Dr Simon P Walker is an Associate Fellow of Bristol University Graduate School of Education. He holds a DProf by Public Works from Winchester University, which was based on his contribution to the adult education between 1997-2013. He has bachelor degrees in Biology and Theology from Oxford and an MPhil in Applied Theology from Oxford.

“As Britain’s first female Chief Constable, I strongly recommend this to anyone interested in making a real and sustainable difference.”

Pauline Clare, CBE

“This is the most important book on leadership I have ever read, because if read and understood, it will change you, to the enduring benefit of those who work for you. My only sadness is that I did not encounter it years before.”

Anthony Seldon, Wellington College, Berkshire

“Insightful and helpful. This book is a must-read for anyone aiming to fulfil their potential as a leader. Simon Walker challenges much leadership orthodoxy while providing words of wisdom for leaders who aspire to make a real difference. Drawing on psychological, emotional, behavioural and spiritual theories, as well as his own and others’ leadership experience, Simon explores some of the deeper choices leaders need to make. In particular, he highlights the power of courage to help the undefended leader achieve richer meaning out of adversity.”

Linda Holbech, The Work Foundation

“Leadership emerges as a characteristic, in some form, of most people’s live. It becomes a means towards human fulfilment in its deepest sense. Seen in these terms, the self-effacing, humble, ‘undefended’ leader gains a true inner strength. [Simon] offers his insights to a universal audience, as a liberating response to the over-stressed character of so much modern living.”

The Rt Revd Dr Peter Forster, Bishop of Chester

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