The Knowledge Stone

ISBN 9781903689820
422 pages.
Published 15/8/2012

£1.95 to £11.99

Paperback and Kindle

The three stories in The Knowledge Stone span fourteen centuries, from the Dark Ages to the present day. First the reader joins two young farm slaves in the 7th Century AD to experience the brutal realities of their common lives. Next the reader is taken into the privileged life of a high-born, haughty and extremely cruel teenage girl in the 14th Century. Finally the reader enters the world of a feckless, dishonest and manipulative middle manager in a typical, large commercial firm in the 21st Century. Woven round the mysterious Knowledge Stone, all three stories draw the reader into a complex web of human actions, emotions and relationships. These are manifest in tightly-knit, often claustrophobic situations filled with acute drama and tragedy. But the acquisition of the Knowledge Stone by one of the characters in each case alters everything. The awesome meaning of its fundamental presence and power becomes clear in the concluding reflections.

Jack McGinnigle is an established author of fiction, non-fiction and biography. Jack, a former Met Office Chief Forecaster, is an experienced lecturer who has appeared on national television and radio. Today, he continues a calling as a Lay Preacher in the Methodist Church, although, when free of services on a Sunday, he is likely to be found in the Church Band, playing drums, bass or keyboards.

I have enjoyed reading this book and found that it had a deep meaning that was not immediately apparent. The book is certainly a page turner and was fairly easy to read. The author has a wonderful way of getting into the mind of his characters and shows the reader what they are thinking in the circumstances that they find themselves in. It is also quite brilliant in its portrayal of good and evil. In the background there is a sense of mystery that can only come from an unseen source which may or may not exist. The three stories chosen to illustrate this “spiritual” power are well chosen and show the depth of the author’s understanding of human strengths and weaknesses. An excellent book to read.

John Nodding


Part one


        Old Malik 




Continuatio I

Part two


Stable Boy 

Brother Maidservant 


Continuatio II

Part three







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