Shaanxi (book7); the Cradle of Chinese Civilization

ISBN 9781803290096
288 pages.
Published 25/4/2022


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Shaanxi is the cradle of Chinese civilization, where the compass, paper, printing, and gunpowder were invented. It was the southern terminus of the ancient Silk Road, and the first place in China to receive the gospel. Hattaway shows that Christians were in China centuries before the assumed earliest date of AD 635. During the missionary era there was slow growth, but today Shaanxi is home to more than three million followers of Christ. As storm clouds of persecution gather worldwide, believers can find encouragement in these bold testimonies of standing up for Christ  in the face of severe hardship.

Hattaway here delights in the wonderful things God has done for (often unlikely) people and the dedication that flowed from their transformed lives.

Paul Hattaway, a native New Zealander, has served the Church in Asia for most of his life. He is an expert on the Chinese Church, and author of The Heavenly Man, An Asian Harvest, Operation China, Shandong, and many other books. He and his wife Joy are founders of Asia Harvest ( which supports thousands of indigenous missionaries and has provided millions of Bibles to Christians throughout Asia.