John Stott, a summary of his teaching

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162 pages.
Published NEW 30/6/2021

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This summary of the teaching of John Stott flows from the author’s own life and ministry. Heavily influenced by Stott, “it is with deep thankfulness for what I received … that I set out to compile my understanding of his teaching in this way, hoping to make it accessible for the benefit of others who labor in congregational ministry.” Current in-print Stott books, and where they can be accessed, are listed in the Chronological Bibliography.

Ted is married to Antoinette, and they have two daughters and four grandchildren. He was educated at Canterbury University (History and English), New Zealand and Durham University (Theology), England. After 51 years of public ministry he is retired and devoting himself to writing and mentoring. He began his writing career in 1963 as the author of the leading articles in his hometown daily newspaper, the Hokitika Guardian, and his preaching ministry at two local churches: All Saints Anglican and St. Andrews Presbyterian. After post-graduate work he served at All Souls Church, London, Gordon College, Massachusetts, Grace Church, Orange Park and Amelia Plantation Chapel, Florida and Christ Church, San Antonio, Texas. He was John Stott’s assistant (curate) and personal friend from 1967-2011. He has read all Stott’s books and used them in his own ministry.He contributed to several books on John Stott and has been mentioned in several of his books, and his biographies.

John Stott’s clear and concise Biblical teaching has been a gift to all followers of Jesus. In this compilation Schroder has enabled his writings to live on and this treasury of wisdom to be accessible for all who desire to understand the Bible, its Truth, and its application to daily life.

The Most Rev’d Dr. Foley Beach, Archbishop and Primate, Anglican Church in North America; Bishop, Anglican Diocese of the South; Chair, Global Anglican Future Conference

John Stott is one of the most influential theological thinkers for those who want to approach both the Bible and the world seriously.  In the latter half of the 20th century, Stott pioneered a way for evangelical Christians to engage with scripture at depth while at the same time being engaged with God’s creation in science, art and popular culture.  In this book, his friend and colleague Ted Schroder outlines Stott’s thinking with care and clarity.  This is not only historically interesting but has contemporary significance for mission and ministry today.

Revd Professor David Wilkinson, Principal, St John’s College, Durham University  

Ted Schroder has done the church a great service in compiling this accessible and reliable guide to the teaching of John Stott. He uses his wide reading of Stott’s work and personal knowledge of this great evangelical statesman over many decades to set out the main elements of his teaching. The clarity of the arrangement and extensive quotations provide an excellent introduction to Stott’s many publications. I am delighted this resource is being made available, and hope it will enable a great number of people all around the world to continue to benefit from the extraordinary ministry of John Stott.

Justyn Terry, Wycliffe, Oxford

This book is a treasure trove!  Few people will have had the time or opportunity to read as many of John Stott’s works as has Ted Schroder who, as Stott’s curate, was trained by him, and subsequently mentored by him as part of a life-long friendship.  His clear summary of all the major aspects of Stott’s preaching and teaching will inspire others to find out more, and to discover the depth and breadth of Stott’s remarkable ministry, a ministry rooted in the Word of God and lived solely for His Glory. This is a book not only for theological colleges, but for every Christian who wishes to grow in faith and commitment to Christ. 

Most Revd. Benjamin Argak Kwashi O.O.N, D.Min(TSM Ambridge) D.D. (Wisconsin) B.D.(TCNN Bukuru), Bishop of Jos, General Secretary GAFCON 

John Stott wanted to present a Christian faith for the wholeness of life. Summarizing such a theology is a challenging task. Ted Schroder succeeds very well in reproducing the essential elements of Stott’s thinking. This book corresponds to its title.

This summary does not primarily contain a statement of points but manages to render an exciting reasoning. The reader is introduced to the special features of Stott’s texts, such as his paradoxes but also his well-founded convictions of the truth.

As a young curate, Schroder had convinced Stott of the importance of radical contextualization. In the book there are interesting notices about the contacts with Stott during his life. The author really knows his subject both as a friend and as a theologian.

Although I have spent a lot of time researching Stott’s theology for a doctoral thesis and later a book (in Swedish), I myself have found new knowledge in this book. Schroder has not lost his way in the amount of thoughts but is a safe guide through an exciting theological landscape.

Per-Axel Sverker, PhD, Bible teacher, Sweden

  1. God
  2. Christ
  3. Holy Spirit
  4. Humanity
  5. The Cross
  6. Holy Scripture
  7. Salvation
  8. The Church
  9. Preaching
  10. The Sacraments
  11. Mission
  12. Discipleship
  13. The Kingdom of God
  14. Ethics
  15. The Last Things
  16. Orni-Theology



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