Hainan; Pearl of the South China Sea (book 8)

ISBN 978-1-80329-013-3
248 pages.
Published 1/1/2024


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This book is the eighth in Paul Hattaway’s series The China Chronicles. In the series, he draws on more than thirty-five years of experience in China and numerous interviews with church leaders to provide insight into the extraordinary explosion of Christianity throughout China in recent decades, the largest revival in the history of Christianity. 

The southernmost Chinese province of Hainan was once nicknamed “the gateway to hell” because of its harsh, disease ridden climate. God has transformed the island with a powerful revival that began in the 1990s, which has swept hundreds of thousands of people into the kingdom of God.

Paul Hattaway, a native New Zealander, has served the Church in Asia for most of his life. He is an expert on the Chinese Church, and author of The Heavenly Man, An Asian Harvest, Operation China, Shandong, and many other books. He and his wife Joy are founders of Asia Harvest (www.asiaharvest.org) which supports thousands of indigenous missionaries and has provided millions of Bibles to Christians throughout Asia.

Well-researched … Hattaway’s knowledge of the Chinese Church is encyclopedic … this book is wonderfully challenging. — Patrick Forbes ― Christianity magazine

A welcome contribution … an exciting, whistlestop tour of 150 years of Christian revival and miracles in Shandong Province … there is no shortage of inspiring lives and events. — Lawrence Braschi ― Church Times

Paul Hattaway’s new book introducing the history of revivalist Christianity in one of China’s northern provinces is a welcome contribution. — The Revd Lawrence Braschi ― Church Times

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