Exploring Theological English Teacher’s Guide: Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar for ESL/EFL

ISBN 978 1903689 41 7
170 pages.
Published 1/11/2010



Each year more biblical and theological materials are published in English than in any other language. No matter which country our students come from or which language they speak natively, most non-native speakers of English find it moderately challenging to exceedingly difficult to read theological publications written for native English speakers. The goal of this Teacher’s Guide is to provide you as the instructor with the kind of help you need in order to teach Exploring Theological English, Student Textbook more effectively. This includes addressing the need for instruction in Theological English, helping you in planning and implementing instruction that is appropriate for your students’ needs, and giving chapter-by-chapter teaching suggestions and an answer key for all exercises.

Exploring Theological English

Cheri Pierson (Ed.D., Education; M.A., Intercultural Studies/TESOL) is an associate professor of Intercultural Studies and TESOL at Wheaton College Graduate School. She specializes in teacher education and English for Bible and theology. She is the author of Dictionary of Theological Terms in Simplified English Student Workbook and other related articles. Before teaching at Wheaton, she taught English to theology students in Sweden for ten years. Lonna Dickerson (Ph.D., Second Language Acquisition; M.A. TESOL) has been a professor of TESOL for more than thirty years and is currently the director of the Institute for Cross-Cultural Training, Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College. She focuses on TESOL methodology, English phonology, issues in second language acquisition, and English for Bible and theology. She is the co-author, with Dianne Dow, of the Handbook for Christian EFL Teachers. Florence Scott (M.A., Theology and Church History; Graduate Certificate in TESOL) lectures on theological topics in the United States and abroad. As a freelance writer, she has published a number of articles in theological publications. She has also worked with English for Bible and theology programs in several countries, including Egypt and Malta.