ISBN 9781903689677
280 pages.
Published 28/2/2011

£4.99 - £11.99

Paperback and Kindle

Epsilon is the heir to the throne of Betania, but he doesn’t want to be king! He has no idea how he to save his people from the enemy in the north who hates the Defenders of the Sign and all they stand for. Epsilon has long set his desire on obtaining the Diatect -an ancient artefact. But can the Diatect prevent war and can it unveil the truth underlying signs and letters?

In another reality the elderly author Louis S Mackenzie sits lost in thought. He wants to conclude his life’s work but cannot figure out how. The conflicts in Alphabetania have built up over a long time and Louis has no idea how the story must end.

Delivered is the final book in the Defenders of the Sign trilogy-an exciting and unique series of stories about love, treachery, faithfulness and courage. The other titles in the trilogy are Signed and Sealed.

Defenders of the Sign


Kristian Kapelrud lives in Hamar, Norway. He is an author and a graphic designer. Sealed was translated from Norwegian by Alie Stibbe.

It was well worth the wait for the final in the trilogy. The story really keeps you gripped to coming back for more and it doesn’t disappoint!

I can see why this is so popular in Norway. I wouldn’t read this without reading the first in the series.


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