Cradle Snatchers

ISBN 9781909281547
290 pages.
Published 8/6/2017

£3.09- £11.99

Paperback and Kindle

Join Will Houston, his uncle Phil, a disgraced Catholic priest, a hormonal widow, and her pampered pooch, as they are chased across London, Oxford and Florence. Through crypts, churches and libraries, they must keep one step ahead of a sinister religious network, guilty of unspeakable crimes against humanity. Following clues, deciphering codes, uncovering corpses they must track down the truth wherever it leads, even if it means facing their own demons and skeletons.

What we actually know

Two babies abducted in a week from London hospitals. (linked? Copycat crimes?) Fresh infant grave discovered in Hyde Park. (mutilation – possible Ritual killings?) Medallion found on victim with numerals + symbols ( Occultic/Catholic?) Suspect collapsed at the crime scene after seizure: woman. mid twenties, caucasian, disabled. No name/ID?

GPS recovered from suspect, containing 2 million other coordinates, all in London Parks (more graves?)

Someone is trying to kill me!

Will Houston Mysteries

Henry Brooks began to write the Will Houston Mysteries in hospital while undergoing treatment for cancer in 2005. Henry lives in the english Lake District—with his wife ruth, four children and small herd of pigmy goats—and works as a landscape architect, property developer, writer and recording artist.

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