Defenders of the Sign

Since the time of its creation, the world of Alphabetania has been at peace under the care of the Rightful One, but now cracks are starting to appear in this idyllic society. Mysterious accusations spread distrust of the Rightful One and breeds suspicion that divides the people. It is up to Alon, son of Lord Omicron, to discover the truth about the Rightful one and the power of his written words

At the same time but in a different world, the 17 year old Louis Mackenzie attends Aberdeen University during the Second World War. As he confronts growing up in a chaotic world and gains his first experiences of betrayal, he writes stories; stories of the world of Alphabetania. For he is the Author, and its tale is intertwined with his own.

In Sealed, 1,500 years have passed for Alphabetania and the land has been divided by war. The story follows the sons of two opposing families as they struggle to bring peace to their divided world. Meanwhile, a grown-up Louis Mackenzie has to deal with troubles in his own life as his son is caught up in a criminal investigation. 

In Delivered, Epsilon, heir to the throne of Betania, fights against his destiny but finds himself in a desperate race to recover an ancient symbol of the Rightful One in order to save his people from imminent war. Louis Mackenzie is now an aging author, but as he prepares to bring the story of Alphabetania to a close, he is unable to decide how it should end.

These gripping fantasy stories explore the themes of maturity, faith, betrayal and reconciliation, and can be read as a series or independently.

“An amazing story from an amazing writer. Intriguing and exciting. A must read…”

GP Taylor, New York Times best-selling author

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