Betty Spackman

Betty Spackman is a multi media installation artist, painter, and educator who has worked and exhibited internationally for over 20 years. She has a background in Theatre, Animation, Performance Art and Video Art and won a National Film Award in 1987 for a 5 min. animation” A Bird in the Hand”.  Spackman collaborated for many years with Austrian Artist Anja Westerfroelke. Their early video work was shown at ARS Electronica in Austria and Long Beach California with well-known artists such as Bill Viola and Gary Hill. 
Spackman has taught and spoken at conferences and galleries in Canada, Europe, the US, and Mexico. Her work has often centered on cultural objects and the stories connected to them. Her recent focus is on issues of animal/human relations and the connections between faith and science in regards to issues of creation and post humanism.  

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